4 Ball Games

Match 4 numbers with a taste of Pick 4 games. Try to defy the odds of 1:10,000 with a strategy of your own

5 Ball Games

Try your luck with the 5 ball games and play as much as you want. Become a winner instant until you give up.

2 Ball Games

Only 2 numbers needed to match and you will be a winner. The odds of winning is only 1:10 which makes Pick 2 games popular

Spin/Slot Games

Give yourself a chance and try our online slot games. Luck has never been so fun. Enjoy the pleasures of spins and wins


Pick 2 Games

Pick 2 lucky numbers with the infamous 2 ball games

Pick 3 Games

The odds of 1:1000 makes pick 3 games popular. Try your luck today

Scratch Card

Be surprised by scratching until you win

Black Jack

Play 21 as it comes and you will win.